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Open Everyday
11:30 am – 10 pm

Garden Grove

9877 Chapman Ave. #E

Garden Grove, CA 92841




fried or steamed gyoza


baked green mussel

yellow tail collar

jalapeño bomb

soft shell crab

salmon nuggets

shrimp & vegetable tempura

calamari tempura

egg roll


house salad

sashimi salad

salmon skin salad

spicy tuna (poki) salad

cucumber salad

octopus salad

seaweed salad

crab & shrimp salad

albacore roll

avocado roll

california roll

cucumber roll

fresh water eel roll

salmon roll

salmon skin roll

scallop roll

spicy salmon roll

spicy tuna roll

tuna roll

vegetable roll

yellow tail roll

alaska roll

salmon on california roll

aloha roll

spicy tuna roll with fresh albacore on top

baha cali roll

crab meat, avocado, cucumber, tuna, yellow tail, salmon with soy paper & smelt egg

baked (spicy) lobster roll

baked crawfish on california roll


baked scallop on california roll

calamari tempura roll

calamari tempura, avocado, cucumber

california tempura roll

deep fried california roll

caterpillar roll

crab meat, cucumber, fresh water eel with avocado on top

chapman roll

spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado

(spicy) crunch roll

shrimp tempura, crab meat, cucumber & avocado

dinosaur roll

deep fried spicy crab meat california roll

double triple roll

tuna, avocado, cucumber with spicy tuna & tempura flake on top

dragon roll

fresh water eel, avocado on california roll

dynamite roll

baked seafood on california roll

fire roll

spicy crab on spicy tuna tempura

hawaiian roll

tuna, avocado on california roll

hot night roll

spicy tuna on crunch roll

jessica roll

avocado, tuna, salmon on crunch roll

las vegas roll

deep fried fresh water eel, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado roll

lion king roll

baked salmon on california roll

mountain roll

shrimp tempura, spicy crab meat wrapped with fresh lettuce

miyako roll

baked spicy tuna on california roll wrapped with baked salmon

philadelphia roll

cream cheese, salmon, avocado, cucumber

popcorn lobster roll

crawfish tempura on california roll

rainbow roll

tuna, salmon, izumidai & shrimp on california roll

salmon crunch roll

crab meat, avocado, cucumber wrapped with deep fried salmon

salmon tempura roll

deep fried salmon, crab meat, avocado & cucumber

spicy crispy

deep fried tuna, salmon & izumidai with avocado, cucumber

spicy tuna tempura roll

deep fried spicy tuna roll

spider roll

soft shell crab, crab meat, avocado & cucumber

super crab crunch roll

special spicy crab on crunch roll

tiger roll

shrimp, avocado on crunch roll

T.N.T roll

shrimp tempura on california roll

volcano roll

baked white fish on spicy tuna roll


sashimi on rice bowl

unagi don

fresh water eel on sushi rice bowl

sushi sampler

7 pieces of nigiri sushi selected by sushi chef

nigiri mix

10 pieces of nigiri sushi selected by sushi chef

sushi & sashimi mix

5 pieces nigiri sushi, 4 pieces california roll, 3 pieces tuna sashimi, 3 pieces salmon sashimi, 2 pieces spicy tempura roll

roll combination

4 pieces california roll, 4 pieces spicy tuna roll, 5 pieces crunch roll, 2 pieces spicy tempura roll

miyako boat A

8 pieces california roll, spicy tuna hand roll, 7 pieces nigiri sushi, 9 pieces sashimi

miyako boat B

16 pieces special roll, 12 pieces nigiri sushi, 15 pieces sashimi

miyako udon

seaweed, fish cake, bean sprout, green onion, fried tofu over noodles in hot broth

chicken udon

slices of grilled chicken over miyako udon

beef udon

grilled beef over miyako udon

tempura udon

2 pieces of shrimp tempura over miyako udon

miyako yakisoba

pan-fried noodle with vegetable

chicken yakisoba

beef yakisoba

shrimp yakisoba

beef teriyaki

miyako special

salmon teriyaki

chicken teriyaki

chicken & beef

hibachi shrimp & scallop

chicken cutlet

chicken bowl

beef bowl


short ribs



what we can do for you

  • casual, family restaurant

  • great food with fresh ingredients

  • visa, mc, discover, amex

  • first come first served sitting only, no reservations

  • take-out available, no delivery

  • wheelchair accessible